Dr. Alexandra Tsvetkova  (winner) and Dr. Randall Jackson (presenter)

Dr. Alexandra Tsvetkova  is the winner of the 2017 William H. Miernyk Research Excellence Medal Competition. Tsvetkova won $1,500 for her paper titled, “Self-employment effects on regional growth: A bigger bang for a buck?” for which she is the lead author. Tsvetkova is a post-doctoral researcher in the department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics at The Ohio State University

Tsvetkova said, “I feel honored and humbled to be selected as the recipient of the 2017 Miernyk Medal. It is a great encouragement to continue research during the stage of my life when I am considering various future career paths.”

The Miernyk Medal Award was presented at the 2017 Southern Regional Science Association conference held in Memphis, TN this past March. According to Dr. Randall Jackson, Director of the Regional Research Institute, competition for this prestigious award, “named after one of the most influential and highly regarded regional economics scholars of the last century” is held annually among young scholars for the best solely-authored paper presented at the SRSA, yet only six other individuals have won this award: Carlianne Patrick in 2016, Jonathan Winters in 2015, Zhenhua Chen in 2014, Olivier Parent in 2008, Shaoming Cheng in 2006, and Santiago Pinto in 2005. The Miernyk Medal may not be awarded every year, at the discretion of the panel.