The Regional Research Institute at West Virginia University is an interdisciplinary organization engaged in research on social and economic issues that are best addressed at the regional level and how best to match regional development policy to regional context.

The Institute has a long-standing reputation for its many contributions to Regional Science, an interdisciplinary field that links economics, geography, planning, and other social sciences. Regional scientists use quantitative methods and mathematical models to study economic and social phenomena in a regional setting. The Institute’s forte has been its pioneering research on methods for analyzing regions and its multidisciplinary approach to studying regional development.

Founded in 1965, the Regional Research Institute creates learning opportunities and provides research support for faculty members and students, while serving as an internationally prominent center for the advancement of regional science. Click here for a current RRI Brochure. The Institute sponsors scholarly seminars and workshops. It also maintains numerous regional science listservs. Since 1999, the Institute has published the Web Book of Regional Science which makes it possible for instructors to choose from a menu to design courses that are appropriate for their students. The Web Book is a valuable learning resource used world-wide by teachers and professionals alike.

Located near the intersection of I-68 and I-79, Morgantown, West Virginia is 70 miles south of Pittsburgh and 200 miles west of Baltimore and Washington, DC. The Institute is located on the Evansdale campus of West Virginia UniversityClick here for directions to RRI.