The Regional Research Institute at West Virginia University conducts and promotes interdisciplinary research on the economic and social development of lagging regions. As a center of regional research excellence for more than four decades, the RRI has served as an internationally recognized center for the advancement of Regional Science – an interdisciplinary field at the intersection of geography, economics, and planning.Our research focuses on theories and history of regional development, methods for studying regions, and policies for stimulating their development. We seek to advance our understanding of socioeconomic processes and our ability to explain regional differences in rates of growth and levels of development. RRI activities are both national and international in scope. Our area interests cover the globe, with a special focus on our own Appalachian region.The Institute is committed to scholarship at its highest levels. We have a core of regional science faculty within the Institute, Faculty Research Associates across campus representing twelve departments and five colleges, an extended network of scholars throughout the United States and abroad, and an outstanding group of graduate students. Our goal is to create learning opportunities and to provide research support for those engaged in regional research, and to bring together scholars from across campus and around the world to create an intellectually rich environment for the conduct of regional research. We sponsor seminars, workshops, and conferences, providing a forum for exchanging ideas and discussing regional development research and issues.

The Web Book of Regional Science, which can be accessed via the Institute’s web site, is a valuable learning resource used world-wide by teachers and professionals alike. We invite you to browse our web site, and to contact us to explore the possibilities of becoming a member of our regional research community.

Randall W. Jackson