William Grunkemeyer, Myra Moss and Jerold R. Thomas
Ohio State University Extension

Table of Contents

1. What Is A Site?
     1.1 Requirements For A Prepared Site
2. Is Site Development an Appropriate Economic 
     Development Strategy?
3. Trends Affecting Site Development
     3.1 General Trends in the Economy
     3.2 What A Business/Industry Seeks in a Site
   What Motivates a Site-Seeking Employer:
   Reduction of Risks
4. Business/Industrial Parks and Sites
4.1 What are Industrial Parks and Sites?
4.2 Greenfield and Brownfield Sites
4.3 Types Of Parks and Sites
      Commercial Parks and Sites  
       Industrial Parks and Sites
5. Development Of Goals for Parks and Sites?
5.1 Developing A Site
5.2 Community Feasibility Assessment
5.3 Site Engineering Study
5.4 Marketing Approach
5.5 Financing the Site
Other Resources
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