Patricio Aroca, Professor and Director of the Center for Regional Economics and Policy at Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Viña del Mar, Chile, and Associate Researcher of the Center for Conflict and Cohesion Studies of the Chilean National Fund for Science (CONICYT). He holds a bachelor degree in business from Universidad Austral de Chile (1983), a master in economics from Universidad de Chile (1987), a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1995).

He has been principal investigator of several project: among which are the nucleus “Regional Science & Public Policy” of the Chilean Millennium Scientific Initiative (2008-2014), the research project of the Chilean FONDEF-CONICYT “Measuring the Impact and Spillover of Chilean Regional Investment” (2013-2015) and recently the joint grant CONICYT Chile – BMBF Germany, “Development of Sustainable Mining Strategies in Chile with a Regionalized National Model”. In addition, he has published in international journals like the World Bank Economic Review, Resources Policy, Journal of Regional Science, Papers in Regional Science, Annals of Regional Science, International Regional Science Review and his most recent edited book jointly with Juan Cuadrado-Roura “Regional Problems and Policies in Latin America” (2014) from Springer had more than 15.500 downloads. In addition, he has consulted for the World Bank, UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development), IADB (Inter American Developing Bank) and CELADE-ECLAC (Latin American Center for Demography – Economic Commission for Latin American and the Caribbean).

As part of several board of the different RSAI associations, he has helped to found the Chilean, Argentinian, Colombian, Ecuadorian regional science association. An also he participated actively in the foundation of the RSAmericas and the current approved proposal for the creation of the Latin American and the Caribbean Regional Science Association, where his main role was to coordinate the Mexican and Brazilian association to get an agreement where both were willing to be part of the new association.

Currently, he is President of the Pacific Regional Science Council (2016-2017) and member of the board of Chilean Copper Commission (2014-2018). In addition, he has participated in the following boards:
2011 – 2013 President of the RSAmericas
2009 – 2011 Member of the Board, Chilean Economists Society (SECHI: Sociedad de Economistas de Chile)
2009 – 2013 Member of the Board, Regional Science Association International (RSAI)
2016 – 2017
2009 –  2013 Member of the Board, Chilean Society of Regional Science (SOCHER)
2008 – 2010 Member of the Board, Regional Science Association of the Americas (RSAmericas)
2008 – 2012 Member of the Board, Pacific Regional Science Council (PRSCO)
2006 – 2008 President of the Chilean Society of Regional Science (SOCHER).