Magdalena Azocar comes from Viña del Mar, Chile where she is studying business at Adolfo Ibañez University (UAI). She is currently a teaching assistant and additionally is working as a research assistant in the Center of Economics and Regional Policy (CEPR in spanish) at UAI. Her research interest focuses on regional analysis, inequality and education.

 Azocar said, “My country characterizes about being extremely concentrated in the capital, Santiago. Not only in the economic area, but also in matters of education and health. The CEPR is interested in understanding the regrettable inequality or disparities across the Chilean territory. The success of a Chilean its significantly defined by the place where he or she is born. I am interested on visiting the Regional Research Institute to learn about the Use and Make matrices and using that framework to study the functional distribution of the Chilean sectoral value added. I think this will be an enriching experience because of the knowledge that I can acquire from it, as well as the opportunity to work with the RRI team”