Dr. Byeon received his Ph.D. in Urban Economics in 2013 from Sogang University. His dissertation, “Analysis of the Source of Agglomeration Economics and Effects Through Firm Life Cycles,” contributed to upgrading Korean agglomeration studies. One of his current research interests is the agglomeration or co-agglomeration of firms. “The RRI has been well known by regional study institutes, and there has been many scholars at the RRI that share my interests,” Dr. Byeon explains. “I will get more information by sharing with them. This is the main reason I chose the RRI.” Another of his interests is Spatial Econometrics and CGE modeling. “I have been interested in Spatial Econometrics and CGE modeling for a while and have, in the past, been able to move projects much further ahead using these analytical tools. Now I have a chance to study these methods more in-depth because the RRI is known as a leader in this area. The RRI is home to some eminent scholars in this area such as Dr. Randall Jackson. I am very fortunate to be a Visiting Scholar at the RRI; I am confident it will raise me to a higher stage in regional study.