Dr. Qian received her Ph.D. from the Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences in China. As a Professor of Geography at Guangzhou University, her research interests include economic restructuring, regional innovation systems, industrial clustering, and regional industrial competitiveness.

“For years, I have researched regional industrial competitiveness in southeast China.Two of my most recent research projects are: Regional Classification and Improving Patterns of China’s Regional Manufacturing Industrial Competitiveness and Industry Cluster, Innovation Network and Regional Economic Development in the Pearl River Delta,” Qian says. “My research interests have progressed, and being here at the RRI has afforded me the opportunity to participate in a research project with Dr. Randall Jackson which will explore the similarities and differences between regional development and industrial cluster in China and the U.S.” She explains that Dr. Jackson is well versed in interregional commodity-by-industry input-output models and looks forward to learning more about this application from him.

Quian says that she applied to be a visiting scholar at the RRI because of its standing in the international community as a leader in regional science. She has found her experiences here to be intellectually stimulating and has welcomed the sharing of ideas with other outstanding scholars through the RRI Seminar Series as well as through the day-to-day contact with faculty and graduate students at the RRI.