Dr. Dai received his Ph.D. in Human Geography in 2011 from Northeast Normal University and he has been an Associate Professor in the School of Economics at this university from 2013. His dissertation, “Research on the Diversity of Chinese Provincial Construction Industry and Its Economic Influences” contribution to the Sectorial Economic Geography studies. One of his current research areas is in urban efficiency and evolution mechanism of urban clusters. He said, “The RRI is a well known place for regional research, especially on the methodology of the input-output modeling and spatial econometrics.”  Another of his areas of interest is fiscal issues, such as, fiscal competition and decentralization, which is also one of the most popular fields in regional research. “I am very happy to be here at the RRI as a visiting scholar, and I would like to interact with everyone here. I believe I will have many experiences of cooperative research with the kind Professor Randall Jackson and his colleagues. This is crucial to my academic growth. With the earnest help from Randy, I believe I can further improve my ability to perform research.”