The NETL/WVU ECIO model (hereafter, ECIO model) integrates a macroeconomic forecasting model of the United States (U.S.) economy with an interindustry accounting framework that characterizes the interdependence of industries, value added sectors, and final demands through sales and purchases. The model consists of three modules and several sub-modules of interrelated equations that represent the U.S. economy and/or industry level details for 32 industrial sectors. The three major modules are:

1. Fair model: a macroeconomic econometric model of the U.S.
2. Industrial output module
3. Employment module

Using the baseline data defined during model design and database development, the national ECIO model can be used to estimate the economic impacts of a baseline technology deployment profile. At this state of its development, the macroeconomic model has been fully integrated with the interindustry model (IO) module. Further development focuses on continued refinement of model equations and the transcription of NEMS model output into scenarios. With complete scenario description data sets in place, the model can be applied to the estimation of economic and employment impacts of new energy technologies.