We are pleased to be able to provide to the regional research community a citation and reference database accumulated by RRI faculty and staff over the past few decades. There are nearly 20,000 citations in the collection. While some were entered by hand, the bulk of the references were collected via automated reference alerting systems. Because these alerting systems respond to key word search and selection criteria, however, there will be some number of references that are not particularly, if at all related to regional research. RRI Staff have put a great deal of effort into purging irrelevant entries, but there is no doubt that many still remain. Although the database is highly reliable, we make no claim to, nor do we take responsibility for the accuracy of the entries.

There are eight downloadable files below. The first is a file that includes references acquired before Summer 2007. The rest are supplemental files with references acquired since the first file was generated. We will maintain previous versions and supplements for download. The reason for maintaining previous versions of the files is that some users may modify the first file they download, possibly purging additional references, and we don’t want to re-introduce unwanted references to those who’ve spent time this way. The file names should be sufficient to identify their content and when they were posted.

With an ever-increasing set of online resources available today, the value of citations databases like these is diminishing.  Therefore, Winter 2014 will be the last update file we develop and post.

The files are in a tagged (Refer) format suitable for import to many reference management databases, including Endnote.

Right click on the text file names to save: