Nate Baum-Snow

Nate Baum-Snow

Associate Professor of Economics
Brown University

Biographical Sketch:

Current Research Projects:

Urban Transport Expansions, Employment Decentralization, and the Spatial Scope of Agglomeration Economies

Urban Transportation, Land Use and Growth: Evidence from China 1995-2010 (with Vernon Henderson, Loren Brandt, Matthew Turner & Qinghua Zhang)

Why Has Urban Inequality Increased? (with Ronni Pavan and Matthew Freedman)

Highway Construction, Changes in Commutes and the Impacts on Fuel Consumption (with Yong Suk Lee)

Understanding Public versus Private School Choice at the Local Level (with Byron Lutz)

Housing Destruction and Neighborhood Rebound: Evidence from Hurricane Katrina (with Justin Marion)


Urban Economics (Undergraduate)

Intermediate Microeconomics, Mathematical (Undergraduate)

The Structure of Cities (Graduate)