All Web Books material, including text and graphics, is available to users for personal use and may not be redistributed in whole or in part, in print, online, or on electronic media (e.g., CD). Permission for reprinting images and text from the Web Book of Regional Science must be obtained from the Regional Research Institute, with the exception of the Sage Scientific Geography series. Permission for reprinting images and text from the ten Sage Series volumes must be obtained from Dr. Grant I. Thrall, who retains the copyright.

The recommended form of citation for original Web Books can be found on the Citing Web Book Material page. The recommended form of citation for the ten Sage Series volumes is the original, standard Sage Series citation, followed by “Reprinted in The Web Book of Regional Science, (, ed., Randall W. Jackson. Morgantown, WV: Regional Research Institute, West Virginia University (2008).”

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the easiest way to download a web book for course use?
Answer: There is no easy way to download most of the Web Books. From the beginning, these books were intended to be Internet publications, not to be simply printed matter available via the Internet. This enables creative authors to incorporate such things as hot links to data tables, maps, charts, and other web sites, such as government sites, or the World Bank, other web books, etc. The sacrifice is the difficulty of downloading entire sections or books. We chose to accept this trade-off and to encourage innovative use of internet technology.

Question: Can the Web Book be used in courses without any kind of user fee?
Answer: There is no charge for classroom use of the Web Books. We do ask that you notify us each time you include readings from the Web Books in your courses, and that you include the complete Web Book citation on your syllabus.

Question: What is the proper way to cite a Web Book?
Answer: Click here for a listing of all citations for the web book.