Scientific Geography, Sage Publications
Grant Ian Thrall, series editor

Central Place Theory, Vol. 1
Leslie J. King

Gravity and Spatial Interaction Models, Vol. 2
Kingsley E. Haynes, A. Stewart Fotheringham

Industrial Location, Vol. 3
Michael J. Webber

Regional Population Projection Models, Vol. 4
Andrei Rogers

Spatial Transportation Modeling, Vol. 5
Christian Werner

Regional Input-Output Analysis, Vol. 6
Geoffrey J. D. Hewings

Human Migration, Vol. 7
W. A. V. Clark

Point Pattern Analysis, Vol. 8
Barry N. Boots and Arthur Getis

Spatial Autocorrelation, Vol. 9
John Odland

Spatial Diffusion, Vol. 10
Richard Morrill, Gary L. Gaile, and Grant Ian Thrall