Spatial econometrics is a subfield of econometrics that incorporates geographic space in regression models for cross-sectional and panel data. Spatial statistical and econometric techniques are shedding new light on critical research for which solutions are crucial for effective public and private sector policy.

The schedule for the four-course, four-week Spatial Econometrics Summer Course is: Introduction to Spatial Econometrics (June 17th-June 19th); Spatial Econometrics I (June 20th-June 22nd); Spatial Econometrics II (June 24th-June 26th); and Introduction to Bayesian Spatial Econometrics (June 27th-June 29th). The courses will be taught by Drs. Donald J. Lacombe and Gianfranco Piras, two internationally recognized leaders in the field of Econometrics.

Participants, from across the U.S., Europe,and Japan have included academicians, researchers, economists and Ph.D. students representing a research organization, universities and colleges, and federal government agencies.

The workshops include morning theoretical lectures that are interwoven into afternoon practical application computing lab sessions.

You are welcome to sign up for all four courses or to choose whichever of the four you would like to attend. For more information, click here.