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RRI history


The Regional Research Institute opened on September 1, 1965. Professor William H. Miernyk, a regional economist trained at Harvard, came to West Virginia University as founding Director. His pioneering research on input-output modeling rapidly brought the Institute international prominence in regional economics and the new multidisciplinary field of regional science. The orientation he established is at the heart of the Institute today:

The Regional Research Institute exists for scholarly research. Scholars define the research projects, and scholars evaluate the proposals and results. The overall objective is to increase knowledge through publication of journal articles and books. Graduate students are an integral part of the Institute. As their educations progress, so do their roles on research projects. They learn research skills, conduct and publish research, and present papers at conferences in the U.S. and worldwide. The scope of the Institute extends beyond the economic and social problems of Appalachia to similar regions elsewhere. It incorporates an enduring focus on quantitative methods for studying regions and evaluating policy directions. The Institute encourages and nurtures international and multidisciplinary research. It organizes conferences and seminars, initiates research activities, creates research opportunities abroad, and hosts visiting scholars.

For 50 years, the Regional Research Institute has helped scholars do research. For numerous individuals, both at West Virginia University and elsewhere, it has provided crucial encouragement, stimulation, and opportunities. Its programs involve faculty members, graduate students, and an extensive network of scholars in the United States and abroad.


Temporary quarters in the Wise Library and the Willey Street Annex, 1965-1976 

Orange brick house at 511 North High Street (the Glasscock House), 1976-2007 

University Services Center (Prete), Evansdale campus, May, 2007- June, 2009 

5th floor of the Chestnut Ridge Research Building, Evansdale campus, July 2009-


William H. Miernyk, 1965-1983 

Robert Saunders, Acting Director, 1969-1970 

Patrick C. Mann, Interim, 1983-1984 

Andrew M. Isserman, 1985-1997 

Brian J. Cushing, Acting Director, 1991 

Luc Anselin, Interim Director, 1997-1998 

Scott Loveridge, 1999-2000 

Ronald L. Lewis, Interim Director, 2000-2001 

Randall W. Jackson, Director, 2001- 



Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen, Visiting Benedum Professor


Herman Daly, Louisiana State University, symposium Duane Chapman, Cornell University, symposium


Albert Bartlett, University of Colorado R.K. Pachauri, College of India William F. Gossling, I-O Research Association, Norwich England


Peter Pollak, World Bank Geoffrey J.D. Hewings, University of Illinois


Wassily Leontief, Nobel Prize in Economics Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen, Vanderbilt University


Rod Jensen, University of Illinois David Zegeer, private consultant David Batten, CSIRO, Victoria, Australia Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen


Derek Spooner, University of Hull, UK Takahisa Nakatani, Tokuyama University, Japan Trevor Harris, Brighton Polytechnic , England Abeirahim Abdussaalam, University of Oklahoma


William Milne, University of Toronto, Canada, September-December 1985

Gerard Rushton, University of Iowa, Sept.-October 1985

Edward Hill, Cleveland State University, December 1985

Guy West, University of Queensland, Australia, January-June 1986

Sandor Peter, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, January 1986-August 1987

Gyorgi Barta, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, February-March 1986

John Merrifield, University of Hawaii, May-August 1986

Bryan MacGregor, University of Glasgow, Scotland, April-May 1986


Mickey Lauria, University of New Orleans, May-August 1987

Philip Bourque, University of Washington, July 1987

Mikhail Popov, Soviet Academy of Sciences, Sept. 1987-July 1988 October-November 1992

Alexander Kiselnikov, Soviet Academy of Sciences, November 1987

Ivan Turok, University of Strathclyde, Scotland, July-August 1988

Harvey Armstrong, University of Lancaster, UK, August-September 1988

Imre Simon, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, September-October, 1988


Laszlo Farago, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, January-June 1989

Krassimira Paskaleva, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, August 1989-May 1990

Bola Aynee, November 1990

P iet Rietveld, Free University, The Netherlands, July 1990

Boian Koulov, Sofia University, Bulgaria, February-September, 1990


Carolyn Roberts, United Kingdom, March-June 1991

Lars-Gustaf Bjurklo, Sweden, February 1992

Nikolai Chumachenko, September 1990 and February 1992

Dezso Kovacs, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, September 1991-August 1992

Oleg Pchelintsev, Soviet Academy of Sciences, January-June 1992


Florence Kuipers, Wageningen University, The Netherlands, October 1993


Marc Loman, Wageningen University, The Netherlands, March-July 1995

John Parr, University of Glasgow, Scotland, March-April 1995

Shuming Bao, Clemson University, November –October 1995

Eugene Kouassi, University of Cote Ivoire, Ivory Coast, May-August 1995


Greg Bischak, ARC, February 1997

Raymond Florax, Wageningen University, The Netherlands, March Nov. 1997

Zoltan Acs, University of Baltimore, March November 1997

Rosina Moreno, University of Barcelona, Spain, Sept- 1997 -May 1998

Alaric Maude, Flinders University, Australia, October 1999


Quanyi Wang, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, China, Sept.2000-May 2002

Gengxing Zhao, Shandong Agricultural University, China, Dec. 2000-November 2001

Jean-Baptiste Lesourd, Universite de la Mediterranee, March-April 2001

Jae Ik Kim, Keimyung University, Korea, January 2001-January 2002


Guy West, University of Queensland, Australia, June 2003

James LeSage, workshop December 2003

Vladimir Anderson, Ukraine Fulbright Scholar, March 2004

ByeongHee Park, Sunchon National University, Korea, February 2003-March 2004

Bjarne Madsen, Copenhagen, Denmark, Nov-Dec. 2004


Jong Han Kim, Kyungsung University, Korea, February 2004-February 2005

Kisang Lee, Sejong University, Korea, February 2005-February 2006

John Parr, University of Glasgow, Scotland, March 2006

Aizhen Huang, Shizuoka University, Japan, April 2005-September 2006

Youngsoo Kim, Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade, Korea, August 2005-July 2006

Wan Woo Jo, The Bank of Korea, June 2006-July 2006

Sung-Goan Choi, Andong National University, Korea, August 2006-August 2008

Hee-Ja Kim, Daejin University, Korea, February 2006-February 2007

Kamol Inomkhodjayev, Republic of Uzbekistan (Fulbright Scholar), September 2006-June 2007


Eun Woo Lee, University of Ulsan, Korea, January- August 2007

Eun-Mi Jung, Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade, Korea, July 2007-July 2008 2009-2010

James LeSage, May11-14, 2009

Karen Turner, University of Strathclyde, Scotland, August 10-13, 2009

Jaegon Park, Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade, Korea, August 2009-July 2010


Chel Ho Jeung, Andong National University, January 2010-January 2011

Scott McIntyre, Strathclyde University, UK, June 22-July 18, 2010

Jun Wang, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, October 2010-May 2011

Hee-Ja Kim, Daejin University, July 2010-February 2011

JuMongNa, Chonnam National University, September 2010-August 2011

Paolo Postiglione, University of Chieti, January 2011-February 2011


Mungu Huh, Korea Institute for Industrial Economics Trade, Korea

September 2011-February 2012


Chang ok Um, Kyungpook National University, March 2012-January 2013

André Golgher, University of Minas Gerais, March 2012-March 2013

Qinglan Qian, Guangzhou University, August 2012-August 2013

Dong-liang Yang, Jilin University, October 2012-October 2013


Mingna Li, Chang Chun University, February 2013-January 2014

Norbert Szabo, University of Pecs, Mary 2013-July 2013

Chang Uk Byeon, Korea Institute for Industrial Economics Trade, August 2013-July 2014


Yongan Dai, Northeast Normal University, February 2014-February 2015

Péter Járosi, University of Pécs, June 2014-September 2014

Paulo Henrique de Mello Sant’Ana, Universidade Federal do ABC, July 2014-June 2015

Mahmut Erdoğan, Gumushane University, August 2014-August 2015


Li Li, Xinjiang Agricultural University, China, October 2015-October 2016

Zheng Tian, Capital University of Economics and Business, China,

September 2015-October 2017


Inácio Fernandes de Araújo Junior, July 2017-February 2018

Abulaiti Alimujiang, Xinjiang Normal University, China, July 2017-July 2018

Magdalena Antonia Azocar Salas, January 2018-February 2018


Two faculty positions were created at the RRI in 1985. They are non-tenure track, two-to-three year appointments for recent Ph.D.s capable of becoming leading scholars. The research assistant professors conduct their own research, participate in joining research projects, and generally teach one course per year.

Paul M. Beaumont, 1985-1987 Robert Walker, 1985-1987 Mary Beth Pudup, 1986-1989 Philip Shapira, 1988-1990 Carla Dickstein, 1988-1990 Stephen Fournier, 1991-1993 Terance Rephann, 1993-1994 Stephan Weiler, 1994-1996 Cynthia Rogers, 1994-1997 Emily Talen, 1995-1998 Attila Varga, 1997-1998 Oleg Smirnov, 1998 Ge Lin, 2000-2005 Shaoming Cheng, 2006-2008 Randall Rosenberger, 2000-2002 Gianfranco Piras, 2010-2014 Péter Járosi, 2015-


One faculty-equivalent position was created in 2005. These individuals are non-tenure track, three-year appointments for more senior Ph.D. researchers capable of becoming leading scholars. The research associates conduct their own research, participate in RRI research projects, and contribute to instruction by committee participation, teaching course modules, and presenting guest lectures and seminars.

Hodjat Ghadimi, 2005-2010


This is a tenured, joint position; 50 percent of the appointment is with the RRI, 25 percent of the appointment is with Agricultural and Resource Economics and 25 percent of the appointment is with Economics.

Donald J. Lacombe, 2010-2016


Robert Benton, 1971-1973 
John Blair, 1971-1973 
Larry Dixon, 1971-1973 
Seetha Hampapur,1971-1973 
John Hennigan, 1971-1973 
Daniel Hilger, 1971-1973 
W. Y. Soung,1971-1973 
David Zarnoch, 1971-1973 
Walter Chatfield, 1972-1973 
Mumtaz Usmen, 1972-1973 
S. M. Hussain, 1972-1973 
Marshall Zinn, 1972-1973 
Frank Giarratani, 1972-1975 
Wayne Duff, 1972-1974 
Charles Socher, 1974-1977 
Anthony Loviscek, 1975-1979 
Randy Holliday, 1976-1978 
Fereidoon Shahrokh,1976-1979 
Norman Cloutier, 1978-1980 
Neal Duffy, 1978-1980 
Alan Mierke,1979- 
o Alice Evans, 1979- 
Soosan Shahrokh, 1979- 
James Cassell, 1980-1983 
Bunluasak Pussarungrsi, 1982-1984 
Chul-Soo Park, 1982-1983