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Web Book of Regional Science

We invite you to browse and explore the Web Book of Regional Science. These materials, which are used worldwide by teachers and professionals alike, cover a wide range of regional science topics. You may find them useful as references, or as texts and supplemental information in the classroom. 

Latest Editions:

We have included another classic to our Web Book of Regional Science.   The 1975 West Virginia Input-Output Study  has been added to the list.

Also, through the cooperation of Sage Scientific Geography Series Editor Grant Ian Thrall and the Series authors, now included in our Web Book titles is the entire ten-volume Scientific Geography Series.

We hope you find these once hard to find materials useful as references and in the classroom. Many remain among the very best and most useful references on their respective topics.

And for those of you who haven’t heard, we also now include William H. Miernyk’s classic, The Elements of Input-Output .

If you find these and our other titles important and valuable to your own instruction and research activities, we’d love to hear from you! Let us know how you use the Web Book of Regional Science, which books you use most, and any other comments you might offer, including other out-of print classics you’d like to see on the site. 

Randall W. Jackson


  • Don Albrecht
  • Edward M. Bergman
  • Helen Briassoulis
  • Michael Danson
  • Sharn Enzinger
  • Edward J. Feser
  • Thomas A. Garrett
  • Frank Giarratani
  • Stephan J. Goetz
  • William Grunkemeyer
  • Edgar Hoover
  • Gennadi Kazakevitch
  • Maureen Kilkenny
  • James LeSage
  • Steven McBride
  • David Marcouiller
  • William H. Miernyk
  • Myra Moss
  • Laura Nalbarte
  • R. D. Norton
  • William Schaffer
  • Dean Schreiner
  • Gelson Tembo
  • Jerold R. Thomas
  • Grant Ian Thrall
  • Eliécer E. Vargas
  • Geoff Whittam

Our web books are housed in the Research Repository of WVU.

Introductory Material

  • Introduction to Regional Science, by Scott Loveridge

Classics in Regional Science

  • An Introduction to Regional Economics, Edgar M. Hoover and Frank Giarratani
  • The 1975 West Virginia Input-Output Study: Modeling A Regional Economy, Anthony L. Loviscek, Randy E. Holliday, Lucinda A. Robinson, and Melissa S. Wolford
  • Elements of Input-Output Analysis, William H. Miernyk
  • Optimal Location of Facilities, Gerard Rushton
  • Scientific Geography Series,Vol. 1 through 10
  • Land Use and Urban Form, Grant Ian Thrall  (We will no longer provide the pdf for this book; however,
    it will soon be available from Taylor and Francis publishers.)

Methods or Empirically Oriented Contributions

  • Analysis of Land Use Change: Theoretical and Modeling Approaches, Helen Briassoulis
  • Computable General Equilibrium Modeling for Regional AnalysisEliécer E. Vargas, Dean F. Schreiner, Gelson Tembo, and David W. Marcouiller
  • Industrial and Regional Clusters: Concepts and Comparative ApplicationsEdward M. Bergman and Edward J. Feser
  • An Introduction to State and Local Public Finance, Thomas A. Garrett and John C. Leatherman
  • Keystone Sector Identification: A Graph Theory-SocialNetwork Analysis Approach, Maureen Kilkenny and Laura Nalbarte
  • Migration and Local Labor Markets, Stephan J. Goetz
  • Regions in Changing Economic Environment, Gennadi Kazakevitch and Sharn Enzinger
  • Regional Impact Models (revised 4/2010), William Schaffer
  • Regional Impact Models (Farsi translation by Majid Dehghanizade of William Schaffer's book. )
  • Spatial Econometrics, James LeSage

Policy or Practice Oriented Contributions 

  • Community Preparedness for Site Development, William Grunkemeyer, Myra Moss, and Jerold R. Thomas
  • The Geography of the New Economy, R.D. Norton
  • Key Concepts in Sustainable Development, William Grunkemeyer and Myra Moss
  • Regional Governance, Institutions and Development, William Grunkemeyer and Myra Moss
  • Site Planning and Design, Steven B. McBride
  • Poverty, Inequality and Social Justice in Nonmetropolitan America, Don Albrecht