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Funded Research Reports

Research reports prepared as a result of government or private agency grants.

Appalachian Regional Commission

Submissions for 2021
Cluster Analysis

Economic Structure in Appalachia's Urban Regions: Clustering and Diversification Strategies. Randall W. Jackson, Peter Jarosi, Gi-Eu Lee, and Sara Farhangdoost.

Submissions for 2018
Appalachian Coal Industry Ecosystem

The Economic Impacts and Risks Associated with Electric Power Generation in Appalachia. Eric Bowen, Christiadi, Rebecca J. Davis, John Deskins, and Charles Sims.

An Overview of the Coal Economy in Appalachia. Eric Bowen, Christiadi, John Deskins, and Brian Lego.

National Energy Technology Laboratory

Submissions for 2009

National and State Economic Impact of NETL. Randall Jackson, Amanda Krugh, Brian LaShier, and Ronald Munson.

Submissions for 2008

EPacT Project: Valuing Domestically Produced Natural Gas and Oil. Randall Jackson, Lisa Phares, and Christa Jensen.