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Technical documents

Technical documents provide informative and instructional material that regional scientists can use to assess and analyze information.

A Technical Note on Spatial Aggregation for Independent Cities and Counties in Virginia

Jing Chen

RRI TechDoc 2017-03

Key words/Codes: Spatial Aggregation, Virginia, Independent Cities, Python; R00, Y10


This document provides an overview of two approaches to treat Virginia’s independent cities in county-level data sets. Then, issues of spatial aggregation and geographical division change are introduced respectively. A Python function for spatial aggregation is also provided. Although this document focuses on independent cities and counties in Virginia, it can be extended into other regions for spatial aggregation.

Computing Coal Dependent Employment Estimates

Randall Jackson

RRI TechDoc 2017-02

Key words/Codes: Input-output, employment proportions,
coal dependence


This document presents the basis for estimating coal-dependent employment in a reference region, then establishing a weighting factor for each industry that can be used to provide a quantitative estimate of the existing employment or employment change in a county that can be attributed to existing or change in coal employment. The Matlab function is provided. Although coal is the industry of interest in this document, any other industry could be targeted for similar study.

Using R and Google-API tools to estimate geographic features

Juan Tomas Sayago Gomez

RRI TechDoc 2017-01

Key words/Codes: Geocode, Elevation, distance matrix


This technical document is a guide for using Google APIs to find information for research purposes. First, I apply the code to find the elevation at a given set of coordinates for specific locations. Second, I apply the code to find the street distances between two or more sets of coordinates. All the codes and sample files are available in the zip file attached to the techdoc.