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Working papers

We are pleased to provide a forum for disseminating works-in-progress that support our mission to promote excellence in interdisciplinary, scholarly research on the economic and social development of lagging regions. These research papers focus on theories and history of regional development, methods for studying regions, and policies for stimulating their development. Where possible, we provide links to the original Working Paper in the repo and, once published, also to the publishing journal.

Papers are stored in the WVU Research Repository under collections, Regional Research Institute.

Submissions for 2023

WP 2023-02 New Business Opportunities and Enhanced Resilience Resulting from Covid-19. Heather M. Stephens, Zachary T. Keeler, and Mark D. Partridge.

WP 2023-01 Born to Care (or Not): How Gender Role Attitudes Affect Occupational Sorting. Carlianne Patrick, Heather M. Stephens, and Amanda Weinstein.

Submissions for 2022

WP 2022-01 Aggregation Bias and Input-Output Regionalization: Detail or Accuracy? Randall Jackson, Caroline Welter, and Gary Cornwall.

Submissions for 2020

WP2020-06 Commodities are Not Industries! A Value Chain Example. Randall W. Jackson and Patricio Aroca.

WP2020-05 Extending the Macroeconomic Impacts Forecasting Capabilities of the National Energy Modeling System. Christa D. Court, Randall W. Jackson, Justin Adder, Gavin Pickenpaugh, Charles Zelek, and Amanda J. Harker Steele.

WP2020-04 The Political Economy of Vermont's Abortion Bill. Shishir Shakya, Elham Erfanian, and Alexandre R. Scarcioffolo.

WP2020-03 Consistent Regional Commodity-by-Industry Input-Output Accounts. Randall W. Jackson and Péter Járosi.

WP2020-02 Enhancing Our Understanding of a Regional Economy: The Complementarity of CGE and EIO Models. Andrew Crawley and Geoffrey J.D. Hewings.

WP2020-01 Solar Bait: How U.S. States Attract Solar Investments from Large Corporations. Jed J. Cohen, Levan Elbakidze, and Randall W. Jackson. Published in The Energy Journal (2020) 41:2, 167-190.

Submissions for 2019

WP2019-02 Drinking Water Quality Impacts on Health Care Expenditures in the United States. Fahad Alzahranu, Alan R. Collins, and Elham Erfanian.

WP2019-01 Air Quality and Asthma Hospitalization: Evidence of PM2.5 Concentrations in Pennsylvania CountiesElham Erfanian and Alan R. Collins. 

Submissions for 2018

WP2018-06 Implicit Regional Economic goals and Objectives: A Study of U.S. Development Programs. Peter V. Schaeffer, Randall W. Jackson, and Eric Bowen.

WP2018-05 Economic Diversity and Regional Economic Performance: A Methodological Concern from Model UncertaintyJing Chen.

WP2018-04 Environmental Costs of European Union Membership: A Structural Decomposition Analysis. Inácio Araugo, Randall W. Jackson, Amir Borges Ferreira Neto, and Fernando Perobelli.

WP2018-03 The Impact of Naloxone Access Laws on Opioid Overdose Deaths in the U.S. Elham Erfanian, Alan R. Collins, and Daniel Grossman.

WP2018-02 Interpreting Economic Diversity as the Presence of Multiple Specializations. Jing Chen.

WP2018-01_R1 Value Chains: Production Upstreamness and Downstreamness Revisited. Patricio Aroca and Randall W. Jackson.

Submissions for 2017

WP2017-15 B&E The Effect of Health Care Entrepreneurship on Local Health: The Case of MedExpress in Appalachia. Amir Borges Ferreira Neto and Joshua C. Hall.

WP2017-03 Geographical Scale, Industrial Diversity and Regional Economic Stability. Jing Chen.

WP2017-02 Charges for Water and Access: What Explains the Differences in West Virginia Municipalities? Elham Erfanian and Alan R. Collins.

WP2017-01 Woody Biomass Processing and Rural Regional Development. Randall W. Jackson, Péter Járosi, Amir Borges Ferreira Neto, and Elham Erfanian.

Submissions for 2016

WP 2016-01 What is Near and Recent in Crime for a Homeowner? The Cases of Denver and Seattle. Adam Nowak and Juan Tomas Sayago Gomez.

Submissions for 2015

WP2015-06 Impact Evaluation of Investments in the Appalachian Region: A Reappraisal. Juan Tomas Sayago Gomez, Gianfranco Piras, Donald J. Lacombe, and Randall W. Jackson.

WP2015-05 Looking Behind the Scenes: An Assessment of the Interdependence of Brazilian Cultural Industries. Amir Borges Ferreira Neto, Fernando Perobilli, and Alexandre Rabelo.

WP2015-04 Fellows Address: Are Industry Clusters and Diversity Strange Bedfellows? Randall W. Jackson.

WP2015-03 A Framework for Measuring County Economic Resilience. Mulugeta Kahsai, Junbo Yu, Mark Middleton, Peter V. Schaeffer, and Randall W. Jackson

WP2015-02 Cost-Effectiveness as Energy Policy Mechanisms: The Paradox of Technology-Neutral and Technology-Specific Policies in the Short and Long Term. Paulo Henrique De Mello Sant'Ana

WP2015-01 Toward Consistent Cross-Hauling Estimation for Input-Output Regionalization. Christa D. Court and Randall W. Jackson.

Submissions for 2014

WP2014-03 Cross-Hauling and Regional Input-Output Tables: The Case of the Province of Hubei, China. Yongming Huang, Anthony T. Flegg, and Timo Tohmo.

WP2014-02 Cross-Hauling in Input-Output Tables: Comments on CHARM. Randall W. Jackson.

WP2014-01 An Integrated Environmental and Economic Modeling Framework for Technological Transitions. Randall W. Jackson.

Submissions for 2013

WP2013-07 On the Finite Sample Properties of Pre-test Estimators of Spatial Models. Gianfranco Piras and Ingmar R. Prucha.

WP2013-06 The State of Play in Poland's Unconventional Shale and Oil Development. J. Wesley Burnett, Randall W. Jackson, and Robert Blobaum.

WP2013-05 Impact Estimates for Static Spatial Panel Data Models in R. Gianfranco Piras.

WP2013-04 Can Spatial Dependence Enhance Industry Sustainability: The Case of Pasture-Based Beef. Inocencio Rodriguez, Gerard D'Souza, and Thomas Griggs.

WP2013-03 A J-test for Panel Models with Fixed Effects, Spatial and Time. Harry H. Kelejian and Gianfranco Piras.

WP2013-01 Comparing Implementations of Estimation Methods for Spatial Econometrics. Roger Bivand and Gianfranco Piras.

Submissions for 2012

WP2012-07 A Knowledge Base for the World's Energy Rich Regions. Hodjat Ghadimi and Davina Bird.

WP2012-05 An Analysis of Administrative "Best Practices" in the Administration of Business Incubators. Mark Middleton, Peter V. Schaeffer, and Randall W. Jackson.

WP2012-03 Metro and Non-Metro Business Incubators: Similarities and Critical Differences. Randall W. Jackson Peter V. Schaeffer, and Mark Middleton.

WP2012-02 Estimation of Spatial Models with Endogenous Weighting Matrices and an Application to Demand Model for Cigarettes. Harry H. Kelejian and Gianfranco Piras.

Submissions for 2011

WP2011-08 Minimum Wages and Teen Employment: A Spatial Panel Approach. Charlene M. Kalenkoski and Donald J. Lacombe.

WP2011-06 Social Benefits of Niche-Agricultural Products: The Case of Pasture-Based Beef in Appalachia Part 1: The Conceptual Framework. Inocencio Rodriguez, Gerard D'Souza, Alan R. Collins, and Tim Phipps.

WP2011-05 An Analysis of the Role of Self-employment in the Economic Development of the Rural Northeastern United States. Saima Bashir, Tesfa Gebremedhin, and Jerald J. Fletcher.

WP2011-04 Telecommunications Investment and Economic Development: Evidence from a Panel of Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Chali Nondo and Mulugeta Kahsai.

WP2011-03 The Role of Institutional Quality in FDI Inflows in Sub-Saharan Africa. Mulugeta Kahsai, Yohannes G. Hailu, Chali Nondo, and Peter V. Schaeffer.

WP2011-02 An Analysis of the Relationship Between New Firm Formation and Economic Development in the Northeast Region of the United States. Saima Bashir and Tesfa Gebremedhin.

WP2011-01Accounting Foundations for Interregional Commodity-by-Industry Input-Output Models. Randall W. Jackson and Walter R. Schwarm. Published in Letters in Spatial and Resource Sciences (2011) 4:187.

Submissions for 2010

WP2010-19 Fayette County, WV Case Study: A Look at the Movement Towards Energy and Water Efficiency. Davina Bird, Hodjat Ghadimi, and Randall W. Jackson.

WP2010-18 Sustainable Economic Development in Energy Rich Economies: A Regional Approach. Hodjat Ghadimi.

WP2010-17 National and State Economic Impact of NETL. Randall W. Jackson, Amanda Krugh, Brian LaShier, and Ronald Munson.

WP2010-16 Who Generates Hazardous Wastes? Attribution of Producer and Consumer Responsibility Within the U.S. Christ D. Jensen.

WP2010-15 A Spatial Analysis of Poverty and Income Inequality in the Appalachian Region. Sudiksha Joshi and Tesfa Gebremedhin.

WP2010-13 An Empirical Analysis of the Interactions Between Environmental Regulations and Economic Growth. Chali Nondo, Peter V. Schaeffer, Tesfa Gebremedhin, and Jerald J. Fletcher.

WP2010-12 A Dynamic Shift Share Analysis of Economic Growth in West Virginia. Janaranjana Herath, Tesfa Gebremedhin, and Blessing M. Maumbe.

WP2010-11 What Causes Waste Flows? An Interregional Analysis of Welsh Waste Shipments. Christa D. Jensen and Stuart McIntyre.

WP2010-10 Geography of Business Incubator Formation in the United States. Junbo Yu, Mark Middleton, and Randall W. Jackson.

WP2010-09 A Spatial Analysis of Amenity and Regional Economic Growth in Northeast Region. Mulugeta Kahsai, Tesfa Gebremedhin, and Peter V. Schaeffer. Published in Review of Urban & Regional Development Studies (2011) 23:2-3, 77-93.

WP2010-08 A Spatial Analysis of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and Economic Conditions in the Appalachian Region. Nyakundi M. Michieka, Archana Pradhan, and Tesfa Gebremedhin.

WP2010-06 Toward the Geography of Business Incubator Formation in the United States. Junbo Yu, Mark Middleton, and Randall W. Jackson.

WP2010-05 Incubation Push or Business Pull? Investigating the Geography of U.S. Business Incubators. Haifeng Qian and Kingsley E. Haynes.

WP2010-04 Methodological Challenges and Institutional Barriers in the Use of Experimental Method for the Evaluation of Business Incubators: Lessons from the US, EU and China. Junbo Yu and Peter Nijkamp.

WP2010-03 Time Dynamics and the Introduction of New Technologies within IO Analysis. Christa D. Jensen and Randall W. Jackson.

WP2010-02 Obesity Prevention: A Review of the Interactions and Interventions, and Some Policy Implications. Anura Amarasinghe and Gerard D'Souza.

WP2010-01 Energy Consumption and Economic Growth: Evidence from COMESA Countries. Chali Nondo.

Submissions for 2009

WP2009-09 Who Creates Waste? Different Perspectives on Waste Attribution in a Regional Economy. Christa D. Jensen, Stuart McIntyre, Max Munday, and Karen Turner.

WP2009-07 Deconcentration, Counter-Urbanization, or Trend Reversal? The Population Distribution of Switzerland Revisited. Mulugeta Kahsai and Peter V. Schaeffer.

WP2009-06 Linking Tourism Resources and Local Economic Benefits: A Spatial Analysis in West Virginia. Jinyang Deng and David Dyre.

WP2009-05 Sustainable Economic Development in Energy Rich Economies: A Regional Approach. Hodjat Ghadimi.

WP2009-04 A County-Level Assessment of Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth in Appalachia Using Simultaneous Equations. Maribel N. Mojica, Tesfa Gebremedhin, and Peter V. Schaeffer.

WP2009-03 Constructing a Baseline Input-Output Model with Environmental Accounts (IOEA). Taelim Choi, Randall W. Jackson, and Nancey Green Leigh.

WP2009-02 An Empirical Analysis of the Link Between Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth in West Virginia. Maribel N. Mojica, Tesfa Gebremedhin, and Peter V. Schaeffer.

WP2009-01 Is Income Inequality Endogenous in Regional Growth? Yohannes G. Hailu, Mulugeta Kahsai, Tesfa Gebremedhin, and Randall W. Jackson.

Submissions for 2008

2008-06 Modeling Regional Recycling and Remanufacturing Processes: From Micro to Macro. Joyce Cooper, Randall W. Jackson, and Nancey Green Leigh.

2008-04 Recycling and Remanufacturing in Input-Output Models. Randall W. Jackson, Taelim Choi, and Nancey Green Leigh.

2008-03 Valuing Community Attributes in Rural Counties in West Virginia: An Application of Data Envelopment Analysis. Maribel N. Mojica, Tesfa Gebremedhin, and Peter V. Schaeffer.

2008-02 Energy in a Resource-Based Regional Economy: A Dynamic General Equilibrium Analysis. Hodjat Ghadimi.

2008-01 Lung Cancer Mortality is Elevated in Coal Mining Areas of Appalachia. Michael Hendryx, Kathryn O'Donnell, and Kimberly Horn.

Submissions for 2007

2007-11 A Spatial Panel Simultaneous-Equations Model of Business Growth, Migration Behavior, Local Public Services and Household Income in Appalachia. Gebremeskel H. Gebremariam, Tesfa Gebremedhin, Peter V. Schaeffer, Tim Phipps, and Randall W. Jackson.

2007-10 An Empirical Analysis of Employment, Migration, Local Public Services and Regional Income Growth in Appalachia. Gebremeskel H. Gebremariam, Tesfa Gebremedhin, Peter V. Schaeffer, Randall W. Jackson, and Tim Phipps.

2007-09 A Spatial Model of Regional Variations in Business Growth in Appalachian States. Gebremeskel H. Gebremariam, Tesfa Gebremedhin, Peter V. Schaeffer, Tim Phipps, and Randall W. Jackson.

2007-01 Impacts of Regional Growth on Farmland Development in the Northeast U.S. Yohannes G. Hailu and Cheryl Brown.

Submissions for 2006

WP2006-14 The Impact of County Level Factors on Obesity in West Virginia. Anura Amarasinghe, Cheryl Brown, Gerard D'Souza, and Tatiana Borisova.

WP2006-13 A Spatial Analysis of Obesity in West Virginia. Anura Amarasinghe, Gerard D'Souza, Cheryl Brown, and  Tatiana Borisova.

WP2006-12 The Influence of Socioeconomic and Environmental Factors on Health and Obesity in Rural Appalachia. Anura Amarasinghe, Gerard D'Souza, Cheryl Brown, and Hyungna Oh.

WP2006-10 Identifying Spatial Clusters within U.S. Organic Agriculture. Cheryl Brown and Daniel Eades.

WP2006-09 County-Level Determinants of Local Public Services in Appalachia: A Multivariate Spatial Autoregressive Model Approach. Gebremeskel H. Gebremariam, Tesfa Gebremedhin, and Peter V. Schaeffer.

WP2006-06 Quality of Care in Appalachian Nursing Homes: Doing More with Less? Mary W. Carter and Shuhui Wang.

WP2006-05 Theoretical Perspectives on Industry Clusters. Gashawbeza W. Bekele and Randall W. Jackson.

WP2006-02 Participatory Watershed Management for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods in India. Budumuru Yoganand and Tesfa Gebremedhin.

Submissions for 2005

WP2005-02 Assessing Demographic Changes and Income Inequalities: A Case Study of West Virginia. Yohannes G. Hailu, Tesfa Gebremedhin, and Randall W. Jackson.

Submissions for 2004

SP2004-12 Effects of Zoning on Residential Option Value. Jonathan C. Young.

WP2004-10 The Role of Small Business in Economic Growth and Poverty Alleviation in West Virginia: An Empirical Analysis. Gebremeskel H. Gebremariam, Tesfa Gebremedhin, and Randall W. Jackson.

WP2004-09 An Economic Impact Study of the Pennsylvania Section of the Cove Point Expansion. Randall W. Jackson and Walter R. Schwarm.

WP2004-08 Labor Market Size and Unemployment Duration: A Theoretical Note. Peter V. Schaeffer and Tesfa Gebremedhin.

WP2004-05 Method for Constructing Commodity by Industry Flow Matrices. Randall W. Jackson, Walter R. Schwarm, Yasuhide Okuyama, and Samia Islam.

WP2004-04 Non-Linear Input-Output Models: Practicability and Potential. Guy R. West and Randall W. Jackson.

Submissions for 2003

WP2003-11 The Impacts of Walter Isard on Geography. Randall W. Jackson.

WP2003-08 A Survey Analysis of Participation in a Community Forest Management in Nepal. Vishakha Maskey, Tesfa Gebremedhin, and Timothy J. Dalton.

WP2003-06 Alternate Input-Output Matrix Updating Formulations. Randall W. Jackson and Alan T. Murray.

Submissions for 2002

WP2002-11 Economic Impacts of Unscheduled Events: Sequential Interindustry Model (SIM) Approach. Yasuhide Okuyama, Geoffrey Hewings, and Michael Sonis.

WP2002-10 Structural Change of the Chicago Economy: A Temporal Inverse Analysis. Yasuhide Okuyama, Michael Sonis, and Geoffrey Hewings.

WP2002-08 Modeling Migration Effects on Agricultural Lands: A Growth Equilibrium Model. Yohannes G. Hailu and Randall S. Rosenberger.

WP2002-05 Parametric and Non Parametric Testing for Income Convergence. James O. Bukenya, Tesfa Gebremedhin, and Peter V. Schaeffer.

WP2002-01 Price Convergence on World Commodity Markets: Fact or Fiction. James O. Bukenya and Walter C. Labys.

Submissions for 2001

WP2001-17 Socioeconomic Trends in Mining Dependent Counties in Appalachia. Melissa Latimer and F. Carson Mencken.

WP2001-12 Dispositions for Lexicographic Preferences of Environmental Goods: Integrating Economics, Psychology, and Ethics. Randall S. Rosenberger, George L. Peterson, Andrea Clarke, and Thomas C. Brown.

WP2001-07 Heterogeneity and Chaotic Dynamics in Commodity Markets. Catherine Kyrtsou, Walter Labys, and Michael Terraza.

WP2001-05 Towards an Understanding of Types of Public-Private Cooperation. Peter V. Schaeffer and Scott Loveridge.

WP2001-03 Disability Legislation: An Empirical Analysis of Employer Cost. Beth A. Loy and Tesfa Gebremedhin.

WP2001-02 Seasonality, Nonstationarity and the Structural Forecasting of the Index of Industrial Production. Eugene Kouassi, Walter C. Labys, and Francois B. Aka.

WP2001-01 Environment and Trade: A Review of Issues and Methods. Haixiao Huang and Walter C. Labys.

Submissions for 1998

WP1998-13 An Economist's Perspective on Urban Design. Scott Loveridge.

Submissions for 1997

WP1997-26 The Effects of Federal Spending on Earnings Change in Appalachia. F. Carson Mencken ane James H. Noon.

WP1997-20 Employer Recruiting and the Gender Composition of Jobs. F. Carson Mencken and Idee Winfield.

WP1997-18 Estimating County Cost of Living Indexes: The Issue of Urban Versus Rural. Laura A. Blanciforti and Edit Kranner.

WP1997-12 Socioeconomic Performance in Metropolitan and Nonmetropolitan Areas during the 1980s. F. Carson Mencken and Joachim Singelmann.

WP1997-02 The Economic and Social Impacts of NIMBYs. Terance J. Rephann.

WP1997-01 Wavelet-Analysis of Commodity Price Behavior. Russell Davidson, Walter C. Labys, and Jean-Baptiste Lesourd.

Submissions for 1996