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Resource Documents

In contrast to Working Papers, which are works that are potentially publishable as standalone works, RRI Resource Documents present information that will be useful for others as they begin research on specific topics. Examples include literature reviews, elaborations on methodological approaches, and assessments of conceptual frameworks, none of which would be publishable in current form and content.

Papers are stored in the WVU Research Repository under collections, Regional Research Institute.

Submissions for 2018

RD2018-03 Regional Industry Cluster Analysis for the Potomac Highlands in West Virginia. Jing Chen and Randall W. Jackson.

RD2018-02 Economic Impacts of the Marcellus Shale Energy and Environment Laboratory (MSEEL). Caleb Stair and Randall W. Jackson.

RD2018-01 ECIO Model Operators Guide. Randall W. Jackson and Péter Járosi.

Submissions for 2017

RD2017-01 MSEEL Project Context: State of the Region (2001-2014). Caleb Stair, Sriparna Ghosh, and Randall W. Jackson.

Submissions for 2016

RD2016-01_r1 Economic Clusters Research: An Annotated Bibliography. Jing Chen and Randall W. Jackson.

Submissions for 2015

RD2015-05_r1 Water Valuation Research: Annotated Bibliography. Christopher Shultz and Randall W. Jackson.

RD2015-04 Economic Clusters Research: An Annotated Bibliography. Jing Chen and Randall W. Jackson. Revised January 12, 2016. See RD2016-01_r1.

RD2015-03 LCA Methodologies an Annotated Bibliography. Xueting Zhao.

RD2015-02 Foundations of the WVU Econometric Input-Output Model. Randall W. Jackson and Juan Tomas Sayago Gomez.

RD2015-01 Quasi-Experimental Methods: An Annotated Bibliography. Mulugeta Kahsai and Randall W. Jackson.

Submissions for 2014

RD2014-03 Social Accounts for CGE in a Multi-Software Environment: Implan, GAMS, and Excel. Amir Borges Ferreira Neto and Randall W. Jackson.

RD2014-02 Estimation of China Sectoral Emission Intensity: Based on Input-Output Model. Xueting Zhao.

RD2014-01 Water Valuation Research: Annotated Bibliography. Christopher Shultz and Randall W. Jackson. Revised January 15, 2015. See 2015-05_r1.

Submissions for 2013

RD2013-02 Integrating Input-Output and Life Cycle Assessment: Mathematical Foundations. Randall W. Jackson.

RD2013-01 Integrated Modeling Frameworks. Randall W. Jackson.